10 Top Window Treatment Trends

When your window treatments -- curtains, valances and cornices -- have seen better days, it's time to try these window treatment ideas from the latest design trends.

  • Organic materials are literally bringing nature indoors.
  • One of the quickest ways to update a window is with colorful treatments.
  • Luxe fabrics are exactly as they sound — opulent and showy with bold colors and textures that beg to be touched.
  • Zen-chic bamboo in Roman shades and decorative hardware will continue to be a popular trend.
  • Like luxe fabrics, velvet and grosgrain are a luxury trend taking cues from the fashion industry.
  • Window treatments don't have to be fussy, and this next trend is anything but.
  • Bolder and bigger prints with texture are top choices for window treatment fabric.
  • Silk has exploded onto the scene and is still going strong.
  • As society increases its obsession with gotta-have-it-gadgets, people counterbalance with organic and natural products in their homes, and window treatments are no exception.
  • We've characterized green design as both economically and environmentally safe treatments now offered as affordable options for window treatments.
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