10 Top Window Treatment Trends

When your window treatments -- curtains, valances and cornices -- have seen better days, it's time to try these window treatment ideas from the latest design trends.

Green Design

Green design is becoming a popular trend from consumers looking to combat allergies to those looking for heat- or cold-repellant window panels.

Shades and blinds have always been about keeping light out, but now they can also save you money on your heating bills. Honeycomb shades, the third most popular window treatment at Smith+Noble, is tech meets nature. "They're made of a spun woven polyester that, combined with the shape of the bee honeycomb, creates a detour for the wind or the cold to not go into the house," says O'Reilly. For larger, sliding glass windows, the solar panels will reduce glare, UV penetration and heat transfer.

Performance fabrics have also gone "green," with anti-microbial, anti-fungal traits woven into the yarn or offered as a topical spray. Stain-resistant and mildew- and mold-resistant fabrics are also popular picks for allergy sufferers. Even the environmentally conscious will feel right at home with non-toxic dyes on fabrics.

Photo by Smith+Noble

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