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One-Piece Swag and Jabot

Here's a clever and easy way to sew a one-piece swag and jabot window treatment.

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Materials and Tools:

shirring tape
wooden rod
staple gun
2 coordinating fabrics


1. Measure the length of the rod and add 52 inches for the finished width of the valance. The length of the featured valance is 25 inches. Cut the two fabrics to these dimensions, adding extra for seam allowances.

2. Pin the two pieces right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving an opening along the top for turning. Iron the rectangular panel flat once it's right side out and hand-stitch the opening closed.

3. Lay the panel flat with the back side up and pin a piece of shirring tape 28 inches in from each side. Extend the pieces from the top edge, ending 7-1/8 inch up from the lower edge of the valance. Sew the tape in place all the way around except the bottom end so the cords can be pulled later.

4. For the jabots, mark the fold lines on the back. Divide the 28 inches up starting at the shirring tape with one four-inch section, and then four 5-1/2-inch sections, which will leave two inches at the end. Repeat on the other side.

5. Lay the rod down; center the valance on it, and then staple it to the rod between the tapes only. Bend the jabot fabric back and forth, looking for the second mark, and bring it within a half inch of the edge of the first fold and put a staple there. Continue in this fashion along the rod so the edge of the valance meets the end of the rod (adjust as necessary).

6. For the swags, pull on the cords of the shirring tape until the desired look is achieved, and then tie the strings to hold them in place. Cut off the excess.

7. Mount the L-brackets to the rod so the staples are hidden, and then attach the brackets to the wall. Adjust the valance as needed.

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