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Enhance Your Decor With a Custom Window Cornice

Cindy Piccoli makes a window cornice from foam core that is covered in quilt batting and fabric. This easy-to-make window topper can be the hit of any room.

Materials and Tools:

utility knife
foam core board
hot glue gun
curtain rod
quilt batting
fabric for covering
adhesive-backed hook-and-loop tape (Velcro)


1. Measure width and length of window to determine dimensions of cornice (allow for board to wrap around ends of the curtain rod).

2. Cut the foam core to desired dimensions for window using the utility knife. Make sure the knife is pressed against a straight edge to ensure a clean, straight cut.

3. Place curtain rod on top of board and, with your pencil, mark on both ends of the board where the rod bends.

4. Use the utility knife against the straightedge and score (do not cut through the board) the top layer of the board.

5. Cut quilt batting and material to fit board. Allow approximately three to four inches of batting and material for wrapping and securing around foam core edges.

6. Begin wrapping the batting around the front of the foamcore and secure with hot glue. Batting should be pulled taught leaving just enough slack on the ends to be bent back against the curtain rod.

7. Repeat above step when attaching the fabric leaving a greater overlap of material to secure directly to board.

8. Secure rod to back of covered board with adhesive loop tape or another alternative would be a liberal amount of hot glue. Remember, hot glue makes the cornice's look permanent; damage will occur if fabric is changed.

9. Add trimming or other ornamentation to cornice and hang.

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