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Upcycle Baby Food Jars Into Hanging Ombre Vases

This project is a fun and colorful way to recycle baby food jars. After they are wired together, the jars can be used to add a splash of color to a plain window.

Michelle Edgemont

Materials Needed:

  • large baby food jars with labels removed (3)
  • small baby food jars with labels removed (6)
  • enamel paint in 6 complementary colors
  • paint brush
  • screw-in hooks (3)
  • paint palette
  • wire cutters
  • 18-gauge copper wire
  • fishing line
  • white flowers optional

Mix Paint and Paint First Set of Jars

Each hanging group of three jars will be painted with an ombre effect. To achieve this, start with the blue and green paints, two small baby food jars and one large baby food jar.

On the paint palette, fill the first section with mostly green and a little blue. In the next section, add equal parts blue and green. Fill the final section with mostly blue and a little green.

Mix the firt section of paint until fully combined, then paint the inside of the largest jar. Repeat with the remaining two jars.

Repeat Steps for Remaining Jars

Clean paint brush, then repeat steps with remaining 6 jars. Here, we used orange and yellow paint for the second set of jars and purple and pink paint for the final set of jars. Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry.

Wire Jars Together

The three jars in the same color family will be wired together. Using wire cutters, cut a piece of copper wire 36" long. Wrap the end around a small baby food jar. Twist the end of the wire around the wire length.

Take a large baby food jar in the same color family. About 5" from the first jar, wrap the wire around the large baby food jar.

Move down the wire another 5" and wrap around the last small baby food jar in that color family. Twist the wire together to secure. Repeat with remaining groups.

Mount Hooks on Window Frame

Screw hooks into the window frame. Place them 3" apart.

Hang Jars and Enjoy

Fold the end of the wire on itself and twist to create a loop. Thread a piece of fishing line through the hoop and tie the ends together. Hang on the screw hook.

After you hang the jars, adjust and bend the wire so that each vase hangs right side up. Fill with water and white flowers or the embellishment of your choice. Now, enjoy your colorful new window dressing!

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