Achieve a Well-Traveled Look With Global Textiles and Accessories

It can be difficult to achieve an eclectic aesthetic that feels effortless yet pulled together. But if you're after just such a look, the addition of global textiles and accessories can add the perfect depth to any style of decor.

Tribal Ottoman Designed by Roman Alonso

Get Creative

So we've established that one of the best ways to add a global eclectic feel is with carpets and rugs. But think outside the box. Los Angeles design collective Commune frequently uses global textiles and accessories in its designs. The heavy weight of most Oriental carpets and kilim rugs makes them ideal candidates for upholstery projects. In the Los Angeles living room of Commune Design founding partner Ramin Shamshiri, this George Smith ottoman upholstered in a Turkish-style carpet adds the perfect splash of visual texture to the room. Image courtesy of Commune Design

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