Achieve a Well-Traveled Look With Global Textiles and Accessories

It can be difficult to achieve an eclectic aesthetic that feels effortless yet pulled together. But if you're after just such a look, the addition of global textiles and accessories can add the perfect depth to any style of decor.

Bedroom with Tribal Rug Designed by Andy Beers

Buy What You Love

Susan of Kea Carpets has additional tips for anyone shopping for an antique or vintage rug. To determine if a rug is authentic, Susan suggests, look for a few imperfections. These rugs were made on primitive horizontal looms that were dismantled and transported with the tribe. Weavers used the wool from their own sheep, often having to dye batches of wool at different times, resulting in subtle color variations. A tribal piece that has uniform colors and straight edges is most likely not genuine. When trying to work a rug into your space, find a dealer who will let you try the rug on approval. You will never know if it works in your space until you try it. Any good dealer will offer this service. Ask questions about the rug's origin and intended use. If the dealer doesn't have the answers, shop somewhere else. Last but certainly not least, be bold and go with your heart. You are not just buying an object but a piece of tribal life. Image courtesy of Ore Studios

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