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Simple Stenciled Basket

Inexpensive baskets are plentiful at yard sales and thrift stores. Use this easy project to transform them into stylish storage.

Marian Parsons, Mustard Seed Interiors
Stenciled Bathroom Basket

Materials Needed:

  • willow basket
  • dark walnut wood stain
  • chip brush
  • clean rag
  • satin polyurethane spray
  • 1" round, stiff-bristled brush
  • blank stencil
  • permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • cutting board or mat
  • painter's tape
  • cream acrylic or latex paint
  • computer with word processor
  • printer

Stain and Seal Basket

Using a chip brush, apply dark walnut wood stain to entire basket, inside and out. Work in small sections, wiping off excess with a clean rag. Allow to dry until stain is no longer tacky. This may take several hours. Once dry, spray a coat of satin polyurethane over entire basket. Allow time to dry.

Stain Baskets to Customize

Make Custom Stencil

Using a computer, design stencil in a word processor program and print. (Old English font in 400 point was used for this project.) The design can be a monogram, significant date or random typography. Using a permanent marker, trace printed design on blank stencil. Tip: Simple lettering is best for a custom-cut stencil.

  • Calligraphy Effect
  • Fill in Stencil Sketches

Cut Stencil

Use a sharp craft knife to cut stencil on traced lines. Protect work surface by using a cutting board or mat.

Cut Personalized Stencils

Stencil Design

Tape stencil into place with painter's tape. Dip a 1-inch-round, stiff-bristled paintbrush into cream acrylic or latex paint. Remove excess paint on a paper towel, leaving brush mostly dry. Hold brush perpendicular to basket surface and apply paint with a pouncing motion. Remove stencil and allow paint to dry.

  • Applying Stencils to Basket
  • Stenciling Baskets

Bathroom Basket with Stenciled Lettering
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