Creative Ways to Display Art

There is more than one way to hang a picture. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. Strive to hang artwork as artistically as the piece itself. Here is some inspiration.

  • Basement Family Room

    Family Art Gallery

    A grouping of six travel photographs, mixing horizontal and vertical prints, is an ideal focal point above the sofa in this family room uploaded to Rate My Space. How we treat walls is integral to good interior design. Once you've established a perfect wall color, it's time to add the next layer: artwork. As every room and every space is different, so are the ways you can enhance a wall with art. Here are eight of our favorites. If any room can benefit from well-displayed art, it's the basement. That's because a home's lowest level often has low ceilings and little or no natural light. It's imperative to add life to the walls. That's what RMSer Jlgraddy did in his family's recent basement remodel. The space above the sofa is utilized as a gallery, featuring photos from a recent European vacation. The identical frames create cohesion and look great; it's one-of-a-kind, personalized artwork that evokes sweet memories.

  • Triptych: Non-Repeating

    The dining room in the HGTV Green Home is designed with its share of conversation starters, not to mention this horse triptych by Natural Curiosities. A large dining room table calls for an oversized piece of art nearby. This 4-foot-high triptych, entitled Lord Denver's Prize Horse Aditoc, is visible from the entrance as well.

  • Triptych: Repeating

    How do you add color to concrete walls without painting them? Create an oversized mural - Design on a Dime style! Kristan Cunningham built the simple frames around these retro bamboo murals. You aren't able to see it in the picture, but there are three panels. Repeating a large-scale pattern three times is an ideal way to fill a large space while honoring the home's industrial feel.

  • Funky Home Office

    Fun-ctional Art

    Thanks to MrsLime for uploading this funky home office to Rate My Space. One of the room's focal points is the clever grouping above the storage piece, which makes office supplies look chic. It's no wonder that MrsLime received high ratings for her unique and chic home office on Rate My Space. It is also a smart design. MrsLime utilized wall space for function and art. She found the gold-painted frames on the sidewalk and outfitted one with a peg board and the other with an oversized pair of gilded scissors. She offset the pair with a third frame which houses a corkboard.

  • Symmetrical & Stylish

    This Shelly Riehl David seating area would have been incomplete without the striking artwork. Stacked atop each other, the pieces encourage the eye to move up the wall, giving the vignette not only color and visual interest but also height. Intricate frames set off the coral artwork hung symmetrically in this Florida home. Colors in the art coordinate with the upholstered, antique chair and complement the soft blue wall color. This Shelly Riehl David vignette is a study in both how to work with color and how to display art.

  • bold orange game room

    Asymmetrical Is Awesome

    Vintage prints make for a fun backdrop behind a family's game table. Design by Shelly Riehl David. Designer Shelly Riehl David created this family space dedicated to game time and social gatherings, appropriate since several of the prints showcase a sport or leisure activity. An asymmetrical pattern, like this one, often works well in a casual room.

  • Cab-Inspired Living Room

    Cool Collection

    This living room by RMSer nyclq has many wonderful design features, including an entire wall dedicated to a collection of photos that inspired the color yellow in the room. The wall art (on the far wall) is a collection of tightly grouped photographs which helped inspire the look of this living room, designed by RMS user nyclq. The thin frames allow the city scenes to be nearly touching. Each shot is artistic, and together, the group creates quite a statement. You'll need a partner to hang this kind of precise grouping.

  • Double the Bang for Your Buck

    Two large pieces of custom artwork add a wow factor to this space by Shelly Riehl David. Photograph by Roy Quesada. Artwork is an investment, especially if it is custom to the space. If you're drawn to a particular artist, consider investing in more than one piece. You might get a discount, and your room design is sure to get a big boost.

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