Creative Ways to Display Art

There is more than one way to hang a picture. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. Strive to hang artwork as artistically as the piece itself. Here is some inspiration.

Basement Family Room

Family Art Gallery

A grouping of six travel photographs, mixing horizontal and vertical prints, is an ideal focal point above the sofa in this family room uploaded to Rate My Space. How we treat walls is integral to good interior design. Once you've established a perfect wall color, it's time to add the next layer: artwork. As every room and every space is different, so are the ways you can enhance a wall with art. Here are eight of our favorites. If any room can benefit from well-displayed art, it's the basement. That's because a home's lowest level often has low ceilings and little or no natural light. It's imperative to add life to the walls. That's what RMSer Jlgraddy did in his family's recent basement remodel. The space above the sofa is utilized as a gallery, featuring photos from a recent European vacation. The identical frames create cohesion and look great; it's one-of-a-kind, personalized artwork that evokes sweet memories.

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