How to Combine Home Accessories

Accessories complete and add style to any room. Follow our no-fail tips for how to arrange accessories throughout your home.

  • Cheerful Sitting Area

    Choose a Color Scheme

    The key to making an assortment of accessories work together is color. In this bedroom, the horseshoe chair is paired with a typography pillow, a simple pitcher full of hydrangeas and an elegant hatbox. A black, white and green color scheme ties the entire grouping together. Design by Rate My Spacer whitecanvas71.

  • Create Balance Without Symmetry

    Artwork is a great addition to any vignette, but it doesn't have to take center stage. Asymmetrical vignettes are the most interesting. When offsetting the artwork, choose other elements, like vases full of tall flowers, to create balance in the space. Design by Sarah Richardson.

  • Flowers Brighten an Entryway Table

    Layer It

    Whether decorating with flowers, black-and-white photos or candlesticks, layer the elements to create depth. Add in small lamps, mirrors or metallic items throughout the vignette for a tiny glimmer of glam. Design by Sarah Richardson.

  • Vary Height

    Choose accessories with differing heights, which will allow the eye to move around the display rather than glossing past it. Artwork on the wall also acts as part of your vignette, so keep it in mind when arranging your accessories. Design by Linda Woodrum.

  • Create Groupings

    Gather similar items together for maximum impact. In this living room, a bowl of silver acorns, platter of fruit and a vase full of flowers create a pleasing flow of accessories. Design by Linda Woodrum.

  • Mix It Up

    Mix a variety of textures and finishes when arranging accessories. Smooth wood, pewter, faux bois fabric and even sprigs of greens are used in this living room to create an intriguing display. Design by Linda Woodrum.

  • Dining Room With Sconces

    Spotlight Accessories

    Lighting is key in every design. Industrial-style fixtures highlight, as well as provide the perfect contrast, to the black-and-white photography. Rethink Design Studio completes the space with nature-inspired accessories, like hydrangeas and a bowl of moss, to reflect the weathered and woven furnishings.

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