Tantalizing Textured Rugs

Rugs are more than something to look at. Textured rugs can be cozy and fluffy or tough and durable.

  • colorful contemporary living room accents

    Fluff 'n' Stuff

    Designer Andreas Charalambous gave this basement living space a super-soft rug that just begs to be danced on.

  • beach house contemporary living

    Just Beachy

    A house on the beach calls for a tougher rug that won't allow sand to sink down in its fibers. This red piece is tough, but certainly not rough.

  • Revco mirrored table framed art living rug

    Perfectly Plush

    Too old for stuffed animals? This plush rug is super-soft to the touch without being too juvenile. Photo courtesy of Revco International.

  • beach house bedroom welcomes warm breezes

    Smooth Criminal

    This rug may not look like the most comfortable thing to wake up to, but the tightly-woven fabrics make it smooth as butter.

  • Revco leather sofa framed art living rug

    Shades of Gray

    This fluffy gray rug is begging you to rub your face in it. Photo courtesy of Revco International.

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