Cool Candle Designs

Adding a cool candle design to a room is a great way to add style while staying on a budget. Check out these photos to get ideas for your own home.

  • Clarke asian lamp

    Minimalistic Style

    The minimalistic Asian style is shown through accessories, like this trio of candles resting on a plate of stones.

  • judi ackerman seashell vase

    Tropical Candle Design

    This single candleholder with a worn-in look gives the room a beach feel.

  • Clarke asian living room

    Romantic and Inviting

    Simply put a group of lighted candles on a tray of stones to make a living room more romantic and inviting.

  • Relaxing Retreat

    Placing lighted candles in a sitting room is one way to create a relaxing environment.

  • Artistic and Pleasant

    Artistic candlesticks in a living room are great artistic elements and fill the room with a wonderful scent.

  • nyclq-red-winter-tablescape

    Holiday Sparkle

    Adding candles to a tablescape is a great way to decorate for the holidays. Festive candleholders, like these silver ones, add holiday cheer and sparkle.

  • Under-20-candles-votives

    Chic and Budget-Friendly

    You can add chic style to any room while saving some bucks, like with these unique candleholders that are under $20.

  • Halloween Candle Lanterns

    Show some Halloween spirit by adding pumpkins and candy corn to candle lanterns. This is a hassle-free way to decorate the outside of your home.

  • A Touch of Ambiance

    A tray of candles adds ambiance to any room.

  • Refreshing and Relaxing

    This white pillar candle gives the bathroom a refreshing look while its scent gives the ultimate reason for relaxation.

  • console holds beautiful accessories

    Modern Candle Lanterns

    Designer Erinn Valencich placed these chic candle lanterns on either side of a miniature flower arrangement to give this living room a modern look.

  • Candle Container

    Filling a large glass container with seeds and a candle is a stylish and budget-friendly way to add design to any room.

  • Candle Lantern Focal Point

    These artistic candle lanterns from Global Views are a great focal point in a room.

  • Silver Tree Candleholder

    This silver tree candleholder from Global Views is great decor for the holidays or any time of the year.

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