Fun, Artistic Vases

Artistic vases can work as budget-friendly artwork in any room. Get ideas for your own home.

  • judi ackerman seashell vase

    Seashell Vase

    Filling a clear vase with seashells sets a tropical design style for this room.

  • valencich TV wall vignette

    Artistic Vases

    It's easy to add an interesting element to an entertainment center with artistic vases.

  • Burgos contemporary sink

    Contrasting Shapes

    The curves of the sink and the rectangular vase create a contemporary look.

  • Small but Mighty

    Having a small room doesn't mean you can't add artistic style to it. A small, simple bubble vase with one plant leaf makes a large statement.

  • Import Collection three blue vases

    Internal Beauty

    You don't necessarily have to fill vases with anything. The inside of a vase can make a statement in its own, like the copper color on the insides of these vases from The Import Collection.

  • Complementary Colors

    The colors in the eclectic vase complement the vintage chaise.

  • Silver Style

    Adding silver vases in different shapes and sizes gives a room a designer-style look without the designer price.

  • Import Collection brown vases

    Texture and Shine

    Vases with texture and shine, like these copper vases from The Import Collection, work great as focal points in any room.

  • A Mixture of Colors

    Incorporate different colors in a room through vases. These vases from Global Views add a mixture of blue and green into the room.

  • Avram Rusu living room niche

    A Bold Splash

    Add a splash of color to a white room with bold-colored vases and flowers.

  • Fun and Artsy

    This vase from Phillips Collection has plant prints on the outside of it, which gives it a fun, artsy look.

  • Water-Colored Vase

    This beautiful glass vase from Global Views looks like it was painted with watercolors and would be a great addition to any room.

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