Large Vases for Every Room

A large vase adds a great element to any room. Get inspired with these photos.

  • lori dennis eco bedroom 2

    Oversized Glamour

    An oversized white vase in the bedroom adds a touch of glamour while keeping a calm, relaxing look.

  • lori dennis master bathroom

    Spa Sanctuary

    Setting large vases around a bathtub creates the illusion of a spa sanctuary.

  • beasley white fireplace

    Symmetrical Beauty

    Two large vases set on a fireplace mantel create a traditional, symmetrical look.

  • 03 Asian Decor Cabinet

    Sparkly Style

    Putting an oversized silver vase in a room is an easy way to fill it with style while adding sparkle.

  • Taylor King black vase living room

    A Simple Artistic Element

    An oversized, wood-carved vase is a simple yet extravagant artistic element that won't empty your wallet. Photo courtesy of Taylor King Furniture.

  • beach bedroom awaits guests

    A Beach Oasis

    Filling a large clear vase with a plant can add a beach look to a bedroom.

  • A Natural Wall

    Accessorize large vases with bamboo to create a nature-inspired \"wall\" to separate two rooms.

  • contemporary foyer makes bold entryway statement

    Tall, Bronze and Beautiful

    The large bronze vase breaks up this long entryway hall.

  • abstract styled dining and living combo

    Great Height

    Contrary to belief, a large vase centerpiece doesn't clutter a room, but it actually creates height.

  • silk upholstered furnishings and walls

    Traditional-Style Vases

    Placing a few large vases in a room is a great way to accessorize a traditional living room.

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