Artwork: The Bold and the Beautiful

Large-scale artwork sets the tone for a room and gives boring spaces a facelift. From the masters to modern marvels, experts share big and bold artwork for every room.

  • modern home office has whimsical flair

    The Great Divide

    Lori Dennis gives life to a bland, all-white room with a large, colorful painting dividing the room.

  • chaise lounge creates space to chill


    An unexpected piece of modern art punches up an otherwise uninspiring sitting area.

  • loft living room filled with energy

    Industrial Chic

    Shades of green, brown, orange and blue in this industrial living space are mimicked in the large painting above the sofa.

  • adding color through artwork

    Funky Facelift

    A formal dining room gets a trendy update with an off-centered painting in this design by Shelly Riehl David.

  • bedroom artwork evokes romantic mood

    Romantic Period

    This romantic piece of art acts as a headboard to set the mood in a simple bedroom.

  • bedroom connects with chic urban living

    Mod Squad

    Luis Caicedo keeps this room from becoming too mod by scaling a watercolor above the green bed.

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