Mirrors for Every Room

Mirrors are a great design tool for any room — not just bathrooms and dressing areas. From entryways to bedrooms, these six mirrors are sure to inspire.

  • Entry Seating

    Mirror Images

    Designer Erinn Valencich uses decorative mirrors to greet guests in this sophisticated entryway.

  • Moeller gray bedroom storage

    Mirrors in Distress

    Two distressed mirrors fit perfectly between large bookshelves in this dark-blue bedroom.

  • Dennis orange and blue bedroom

    Three's Company

    Designer Lori Dennis used three large, framed mirrors to create an interesting focal point while making this bedroom seem bigger.

  • Rethink Design Studio white bedroom mirrors

    Beauty in the Eye of the Collector

    A collection of different-sized mirrors gives this room a personal touch.

  • Narcissistic Living Room

    Who needs artwork when you can stare at the reflection of your beautiful living room?

  • Mini Mirrors

    Small mirrors add an elegant touch to this otherwise boring door.

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