Colorful Designer Pillows

Decorative pillows are one of the simplest ways to add color to a room. Check out some of our favorite brightly hued beauties from Company C.

  • pillow Toucan Lemondrop

    The Toucan pillow in lemondrop

  • pillow beach vine

    The multicolored Beach Vine pillow

  • pillow Giraffe aqua

    The Giraffe pillow in aqua

  • pillow Giraffe persimmon

    The Giraffe pillow in persimmon

  • pillow Iris

    The Iris pillow

  • pillows Colonnade

    Colonnade pillows in aqua, melon, pecan, oyster and green

  • pillow Arcs and Squares lemongrass

    The Arcs and Squares pillow in lemongrass

  • pillow Copley Stripe aqua

    The Copley Stripe pillow in aqua

  • pillow Copley Stripe melon

    The Copley Stripe pillow in melon

  • pillow Criss Cross

    The multicolored Criss Cross pillow

  • pillow Fairfield melon

    The Fairfield pillow in melon. Also available in aqua.

  • pillow Garland

    The Garland Green pillow

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