Decorate With Flea Market Finds

After spending afternoons scouring flea markets for great antiques, learn how to incorporate favorite finds into your home.

  • Flea Market Flower Arrangement

    Collect Your Collections

    To maximize the impact of a collection, display all the pieces together in an unusual way. Two dozen apothecary bottles become an eye-catching centerpiece when placed in a rustic tool caddy. Add colorful wildflowers and a trendy turquoise tablecloth for a modern look with a homey feeling.

  • Flea Market Chair Vignette

    Recycle the Old-fashioned Way

    Second-hand chairs are not only easy to make over, they’re also super cheap. You can pick one up at a rummage sale, church bazaar or garage sale for under $10. Just double-check that it isn't broken and that the seat can be recovered easily. With some stylish fabric and a staple gun, you can have an instant occasional chair or a kooky side table.

  • Flea Market Bathroom Vanity Chair Accessories

    Make It Work

    Keep irresistible finds from turning into dust collectors. Just give a must-have item a job to justify its presence. Use teacups to corral paperclips and pushpins in your home office. A row of mini chairs turns a guest bathroom into a playful retreat.

  • Flea Market Accessories Shelf

    Make a Big Display of Little Things

    Showcase smaller collectibles in niches to keep them from getting lost. A bookcase is a natural roost for ceramic bird figurines when you nestle them in the spaces between the rows and stacks of books. Give tiny items more stature by placing them on pedestals also made of flea market finds.

  • Flea Market Mail Organization

    Build Character

    Instead of buying a generic bin to sort your mail, why not opt for something vintage and unexpected? Go on a hunt at the antique faire for a safety deposit box, a cheese crate or a narrow drawer from an old sewing table. A plastic inbox might do the job, but a card catalog drawer has character.

  • Flea Market mantel books accessories

    Show and Tell

    The mantel is prime territory for decorating. Don’t waste this valuable space on a single vase and photo. Instead, create a gallery with framed prints and one-of-a-kind collectibles. An antique chocolate bunny mold not only looks like a fine art sculpture, it’s a great conversation piece.

  • Flea Market Painted Dresser

    Imagine the Possibilities

    When shopping for used furniture, imagination is key. A dresser with missing drawers might seem like trash, but if it still has shelves, it can be a treasure. Give it a fresh coat of paint and you've got a whimsical bureau for your boudoir.

  • Flea Market Outdoor Display Sled Plants

    Be Ahead Of Your Time

    Want to get the best price on something? Buy it out of season. If you see a winter sled at a summer yard sale, that seller just wants to make room in the attic. Make a lowball offer and you might get a steal! And don't think you can't use it till December. A sled loaded with plants is a garden delight any time of the year.

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