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Display Plate Rack

From a window frame, you can fashion an eye-catching place for special china.

Materials and Tools:

sturdy window frame, measuring about 40 by 26 inches
1/8-inch plywood
drill with bits
door hinges
scrap 1-by-4-inch and balsa wood
paint and supplies
small nails


1. Paint the window frame the desired color.

2. Back the plate rack with 1/8-inch plywood cut to size. Screw it on using standard wood screws. Make sure to use at least one screw every 8 to 10 inches for extra security.

3. Add door hinges to the back for hanging. Attach one to each side with screws.

4. Turn the rack over and decide where you want a second shelf to go. Place a piece of pre-cut 1-by-4-inch down and nail on a strip of balsa wood to it to act as a brace for the plates to rest on. Tap it into place and attach the shelf with screws from both sides of the window frame.

5. Cut it to fit and add another strip of balsa wood to the bottom to hold bigger dinner plates or platters.

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