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Painting Ombré Stripes on a Wall

Vern Yip showed HGTV Magazine how to paint perfect ombré stripes. Here’s how you can try the trend.

Jaimie Dalessio (produced by Jennifer Berno)
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Mark Lund

Materials Needed:

  • tape measure
  • painter's tape
  • level
  • paint in five shades of green (or your color of choice)
  • paint roller

Step 1

Starting from the ceiling, measure the height of your wall and divide by 5 to figure out how tall each stripe should be. Add a line of tape where the top horizontal stripe will end, using a level.

Step 2

Paint the top stripe the lightest green. Remove the tape at the stripe’s bottom edge while the paint is still wet. Let dry.

Step 3

Apply a new strip of painter’s tape on the lightest stripe, along its bottom edge. Add a second piece of tape where you want your next stripe to end. Paint the second stripe the next darkest shade. Remove both pieces of tape while the paint is still wet. Let dry.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 for the remaining three stripes, ending with the darkest green at the bottom.

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