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Paint Technique: Linen Weaver

Add texture to any room with this versatile painting technique.

The linen weaver technique creates a very fine vertical stripe that can be casual, dressy or fun depending on the colors you choose. It involves brushing through a glaze coat applied over a satin latex base coat — the best paint for glazing over because it allows any tool to glide right over the surface. Here’s how to do it:

Materials and Tools:

satin latex paint
roller frame and 3/8-inch cover
painter’s tape
paper towels
linen weaver brush (with portions of the bristles snipped out)


1. Apply the base coat and let dry.

2. Roll the glaze coat over an area about 4 feet wide and then draw the brush through it horizontally. Get a helper for this if possible so that both steps can de done simultaneously; keeping a wet edge can be difficult when you’re working alone. Every once in a while, wipe off the brush so you’re sure to be removing glaze from the wall instead of just moving it around. Step back and check your work occasionally to be sure you’re satisfied with the results.

3. Roll on more glaze and repeat the technique until the room is complete.

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