Fun New Decorating Ideas

HGTV Magazine gives you an exclusive look inside a real-life funhouse, and not the kind at the carnival. You might be inspired to paint a wall orange or trim your curtains with fringe after looking around.

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  • Out-of-the-Box Decorating

    For Bailey McCarthy, decorating is a way to inject cheer into everyday life. There are zigzags and stripes, vibrant artwork and happy accessories. \"I want my house to show who I am, which is someone who isn't afraid of bold patterns or whimsical ideas,\" says Bailey, a designer, blogger and boutique owner ( Her Austin, Texas, Colonial, where she lives with husband Pete and daughter Gracie, will make you smile and may even tempt you to try something unexpected of your own.

  • Candy Stripes

    Bailey held on to this velvet fabric for three years before finding a use for it: to re-cover the couch.

  • Touches of Turquoise

    The living room is open to the kitchen, so she had vintage armchairs re-covered in the same color as the barstools.

  • A Perfect Place for Pink

    Bailey painted the inside of her Ethan Allen china cabinet a soft pink that matches the flowers on her dining chairs. For a similar look, try Cool Melon by Behr.

  • Colorful Chandelier

    The pink Murano glass fixture sets the happy-go-lucky tone in the dining room.

  • Mismatched Chairs

    Seating is \"a major opportunity for fun,\" says Bailey. Her host chairs are citron velvet; the side chairs are covered in a hummingbird/botanical print.

  • Globe Pendants

    Bailey had a crush on these nickel-and-white-glass light fixtures. The fixtures' shape is unusual, making them real showstoppers.

  • Retro Stools

    These 1950s diner-style stools from a restaurant supply store are re-covered in blue vinyl.

  • Bird Wallpaper

    A swan pattern covers just one wall in the master bedroom. The ceiling's painted pink!

  • Geometric Table Lamp

    This is actually two fun ideas in one: a pink base and jewel-like angles.

  • Bright Headboard

    Bailey paired a vibrant yellow headboard with white bedding. That pale green monogram matches the carpet.

  • Pom-Pom Fringe

    Trim is easy to sew or glue onto a ready-made shower curtain for a custom look in the bathroom.

  • Sweet Treat Art

    Postcard-sized cake paintings and John Derian trays form a dessert gallery over Gracie's crib. Extra-large objects, like these papier-mache blooms from a store display, are a huge hit in a little kid's space. Bright yellow chevron on the rug will be easy to grow with, and it balances the sweetness of the pale pink walls.

  • Bold Door

    The classic entry of the house is electrified with a high-voltage green (Feel the Energy by Benjamin Moore).

  • Bold Built-Ins

    In this room, the cabinetry and trim are painted a gutsy red-orange hue (Habanero Pepper by Benjamin Moore). \"It's a small space but the color has major impact,\" she says. Instead of curtains, the windows are framed with fabric-covered wood cornices trimmed in deep-purple ribbon.

  • A Little Glitz

    Bailey Googled \"gold mirrored disco ball\" and found this one to make the room sparkle. \"I recommend it to anyone who has a baby. Gracie goes nuts watching it!\"

  • Animal Accent

    The tiger-print ottoman — an idea sparked by an old circus poster — has storage for toys. And a brown-and-orange geometric-print area rug jazzes up the room and helps protect the white wall-to-wall carpet underneath.

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