Summer Style: Hottest Color Trends of the Season

Update your home with lively hues that represent the radiant feel of summer, from aqueous shades of silver and blue to classic pink and green.

  • Iris

    This regal shade of purple is ideal for year-round decor, but looks especially stunning during the summer months. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn spices up a simple patio with a purple-and-white striped area rug uniquely coordinated with a palette of yellow, brown and gray. Add some fresh lilacs or liatris to a vase to really accentuate purple in your home.

  • Viola

    A bold color known for its masculine appeal, blue has found a spot in feminine settings, too. If you don't feel comfortable dousing your room with paint, let your accessories and decor do all the work when it comes to color. Designer John Gidding dresses up this simple dining room with a bold blue area rug coordinated with matching pillows and accented table settings. Complemented with a fiery shade of red, the design showcases a classic color duo without looking patriotic.

  • Spring Green

    Nothing brightens up an all-white room quite like a lively shade of spring green. A vibrant mix between turquoise and sea green, this hue works best in a mostly neutral setting. Give your mood and interior an instant boost by incorporating spring green into your home, whether in small doses or through a daring piece of furniture like this living room cabinet. Image courtesy of Jesse

  • Daffodil

    Mirroring the sun's radiant hues, this brilliant shade of yellow livens up an otherwise all-white room. \"The sunny-yellow chinoiserie wallpaper was paired with gray and bright white, as well as graphic black and navy accents, to turn a long, dark and uninviting room into a bright and cheerful spot,\" designer Christian May says.

  • Full Turquoise

    Vaulted ceilings and open windows are an inviting environment for walls of turquoise. Mid-century modern furnishings in vintage mustard hues serve as a unique complement, while exerting a retro, urban feel within the space. This dynamic shade of blue can easily stand alone or be toned down with muted hues. Design by RMS user eclecticimages

  • vanessa de vargas uses free standing closet


    Slate-blue walls look crisp and stunning when coordinated with neutral furniture and accessories. Although deep in tone, this blue hue still evokes feelings of summer through its representation of ocean waves and coastal inspiration. Design by Vanessa De Vargas

  • hallway showcases incredible design

    Yellow Green

    Designer Shelly Riehl David adds a touch of whimsy to this graceful home by coating the walls with yellow green. From the furniture upholstery to the chandeliers, darker shades of green are used as accents to prevent the wall color from appearing out of place. When using a color with this degree of brightness, pair with browns and creams for a soft balance.

  • Aqua

    Although summer is typically associated with vibrant, saturated colors, bold primaries have been toned down with white to create shades of aqua, misty blue and azure. RMS user WhimsicalWitch gives her kitchen a shabby-chic makeover by adding sporadic splashes of aqua to the crisp, white space. Freshly painted chairs, distressed shutters and aqua-trimmed stemware bring a cool, delicate feel to the room, ideal for a true summer look.

  • Silver

    Silver looks stunning with just about any color, especially summer whites and misty blues. Designer Sarah Richardson creates a tranquil and inviting bedroom by combining shades of white and ivory with soft hints of silver and baby blue. The serene palette will surely evoke sweet dreams and comforting thoughts.

  • home office


    Warm golden colors are often coupled with fall foliage and fall holidays. This year, however, both sandy golden hues and yellow gold are stepping out for summer. Gold is frequently associated with rich, elegant decor but when used correctly it can have a hip, retro vibe. This chic home office pairs gold accents with blush-rose walls and a muted-teal ottoman for a stunning contrast. Design by Domicile Interior Design

  • Brick Red

    Brick red is a traditional color that can be successfully incorporated into any space or wardrobe all year round; however, a bold shade of red can deliver a classic summertime feel when used in a lighter color palette. While rich-red walls may be too brazen for some, designer Sarah Richardson shows that by using red as an accent with a creamy, off-white backdrop, you can still achieve the same eye-catching effect.

  • Grassy Green

    The vigorous use of green in this living room pays homage to lush, green grass in the summer. Designer Candice Olson integrates various shades of green into the space, from mint cream to kelly green. Unique color pairings of gray, tan and ivory with pops of green allow the lively hue to truly stand out for a fresh look.

  • Honeysuckle

    Designer Allison Cosmos brightened this outdoor retreat with a dramatic burst of honeysuckle. Named Pantone's color of the year, this pretty shade of pink is still popular for summer decor and looks especially stunning with the lime-green accents and charcoal-gray backdrop. Sister shades, known as sea pink or orchid, are making an appearance this summer, providing the same feminine and whimsical effect as our dear friend honeysuckle.

  • Mint Cream

    Perfect for cottage-style homes and those nestled near the sea, mint cream pairs nicely with ivory, baby blue and other hues inspired by a creamy color palette. Designer Sarah Richardson brightened this dining room with a distressed mint-cream bench that sits between two ivory wing chairs covered in pale-green patterns. The look is elegant and sophisticated with cottage-style appeal that represents the true feel of summer.

  • Soft Lavender

    This polished shade of purple is an elegant, feminine and inviting color that helps to stimulate conversation and creativity. The invigorating hue is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and sitting areas where friends and family often interact. Take lavender to a daring new level by adding it to the wall with an eye-catching wallpaper pattern. Image courtesy of Kips Bay Decorator Show House

  • Ivory

    Whether used in the summer or fall, faded browns and creams deliver a peaceful palette. This serene sunroom features a monochromatic color scheme, allowing the outside views to provide a textural and interesting backdrop to simple ivory furniture and accessories.

  • Blush Rose

    Soft, pastel hues can serve as neutrals when placed with more saturated colors. Designer Erinn Valencich brings a lively touch to this tufted-pink headboard by joining it with lime-green and copper accessories. This unlikely color combination works perfectly together, creating a tranquil space with an energetic and colorful vibe.

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