10 Creative Ways to Decorate With Brown

Neutral brown tones can be the perfect color backdrop for any design style. Pair this naturally rich color with bright accompaniments or layer it with patterns for added interest in your home.

  • Brick Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash

    Classic Mix

    Off-white subway tiles, brushed nickel and dark wood cabinets create the perfect mesh between modern and traditional design. Vintage tractor stools give the space a creative flair, while clerestory windows let in an abundance of natural light to create an ultra-bright space. Mixing old and new can be a challenge, but when done correctly the end result can be stunning. Design by Randy Weinstein

  • charalambous-guest-bedroom-zen-modern-2

    Enhanced Details

    Architectural details often get lost on plain white walls. In this modern bedroom design, a dark stained wood is used to enhance the features of a custom wedge bookcase. Flanked by stark white walls, the small room still exudes a bright and airy feel. A bright-red womb chair gives this room an added punch of color. Design by Andreas Charalambous

  • beasley desk area

    Soothing Space

    Neutral hues are an ideal color palette for workspaces because of their naturally relaxing vibes. Use a palette of browns and tans on the walls, furnishings and accessories to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your home office. For added interest, layer chocolate brown with a pop of color like the green noted in this space. Design by Troy Beasley

  • Cozy and Plush Striped Chair

    Rich Upholstery

    Brown is the color of choice when trying to design a warm and inviting space. In this sitting area, a custom-designed lounge chair is outfitted in a contrasting cream and chocolate material, colors which work together to create a high-styled furniture design. Design by Alicia Friedmann

  • Glass Cabinets Over a Brown Backsplash

    Backsplash of Brown

    A bold tile backsplash makes a wonderful addition to nearly any kitchen design. Whether you're using colorful glass mosaic tiles or simple ceramics, adding tile between your cabinetry and countertop is a great way to incorporate a personal touch into your kitchen. In this space, high-gloss cherry wood cabinets create the perfect complement to this multicolored brown backsplash. Design by Danenberg Design

  • environmentally friendly master bedroom

    Calming Colors

    Various shades of brown create an aura of calm in this bedroom design. For a touch of contrast, a canopy-style bed is adorned with accent pillows in different textures, resting atop a chocolate-brown duvet. Adding throw pillows is in inexpensive way to add color and personality to your space. Design by Lori Dennis

  • Neutral New York Living Room

    Layered Interest

    When designing an interesting space, layering can add visual interest to a room. Unified by color, a mixture of stripes, patterns and solids are all displayed in this sitting area. It’s important not to focus on each piece individually, but to understand how they all work together collectively. Design by Donovan Swick

  • Living Room with Contemporary Art

    Dash of Cinnamon

    Finding a furniture fabric that fits your design scheme can be a challenge. Neutrals are a great choice in color selection. In this sitting area, a straight-edged, cinnamon-colored couch contrasts beautifully against soft yellow walls. Oversized wall art and floor lamps create additional symmetry and drama in the room. Design by Ammie Kim

  • Scenic View Accentuated By Austere Furniture Arrangement

    Complementing Hue

    When accompanied with brighter colors, brown tones can make them appear richer and brighter. In this living space, neutrals are used to complement the breathtaking exterior backdrop. A bolder color might detract from the view, but the chosen color scheme enhances its surroundings. Design by Lori Dennis

  • Addison Double Sinks in Bathroom

    Bold Modernity

    Looking to create your own simple yet high-styled bathroom design? Your vanity choice will be an important determining factor. In this contemporary space, walnut wood panels are used to create modern floating vanities. Complemented by glass sinks and stone-tiled walls, the units make a bold and striking design statement. Design by Addison Bruley LLC

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