10 Different Ways to Decorate With Orange

From pumpkin orange to tangerine, these bold hues can brighten every room in the house. Check out these orange spaces from some of our favorite designers.

  • Orange Contemporary Dining Room

    Citrus Surround

    Nothing will wake you up in the morning quite like this citrus-inspired breakfast nook. The shade is especially vibrant and playful when paired with modern, white chairs and silver accents. Designer Celia Berliner coordinated oak flooring to serve as a warm complement to the bright walls.

  • Stylish Orange Accented Living Room

    Focal Wall

    This creamy white living room was given a modern and playful burst of color, thanks to a lively shade of orange. The fireplace focal wall and artwork deliver just the right amount of color to brighten the surrounding white, gray and black hues of the room. Design by Pangaea

  • Orange and White Contemporary Living Room

    Brighten Up White

    To brighten the cream and white surroundings, designer Celia Berliner added a surprising splash of orange to the living room's wraparound countertop. To keep the space balanced, she replicated the hue in the throw pillows, bookshelf accents and flower vases.

  • Valencich Orange Chairs in Living Room

    Rustic Complement

    In this rustic, natural-toned living room, four deep carrot orange armchairs provide a subdued output of color, while still representing the room's subtle color scheme. The welcoming hue can even be seen in the rug's floral accents. Design by Erinn Valencich

  • charalambous-contemporary-entryway-2-crop

    Warm Welcoming

    Designer Andreas Charalambous used a refined and uniform color palette of creamy off-white and burnt orange on the first floor of this modern home. The deep orange focal wall provides a warm welcoming and extends the hue through various accent pieces.

  • cove lighting gives bedroom custom look

    Masculine Mix

    To enhance the pumpkin orange wall, designer Andreas Charalambous added hidden cove lighting behind the headboard and used dark wood furnishings for a warm and dramatic contrast.

  • Orange, Yellow, and White Contemporary Home Office

    Creative Zone

    This colorful home office is the perfect space to get the creative juices flowing. The bright orange countertops, chair and sofa provide a bold surge of energy, creating a simple yet inspirational room. Design by Celia Berliner

  • Avram Rusu Modern Kitchen

    Bold Accent

    The red slate focal wall and walnut floors look warm and inviting when paired with orange barstools. To make a big color impact, the accent hue is kept to a minimum throughout the room. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu

  • Bold Orange Dining Room

    Vibrant Dining

    The dark wood dining set and buffet are a sweet complement to pumpkin orange walls in this chic dining room. A gold sunburst mirror echoes the natural tones of the orange walls, while enhancing the overall color scheme. Clear, glass accessories are a neutral accompaniment to the room and avoid interrupting the vibrant wall color. Design by Velvet Hammerschmidt

  • Burnt-Orange Grecian Bathroom

    Warm Retreat

    For a bold yet relaxing master bathroom, designer Jane Ellison combined Old World style and dark wood furnishings with a soothing deep orange wall color. The colors and textures of the space immediately emit a feeling of warmth and sophistication.

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