Design Makeovers: From Beige to Colorful

Check out these before-and-after makeovers that uplift dull, beige rooms with vibrant hues and clean, contemporary style.

  • Before: Bland and Outdated

    To bring this kitchen into the 21st century, it desperately needs updated cabinetry, new appliances, a splash of color and fresh flooring.

  • After: Contemporary Style

    The old, outdated cabinets were refurbished with a clean coat of white paint for a simple, contemporary look. An apple green backsplash provides a subtle and playful touch of color. The patterned linoleum flooring was ripped up and replaced with stunning hardwood floors. The kitchen also welcomed new stainless steel appliances to complete the makeover. Design by John Gidding

  • Before: Boring Home Office

    This home office is surrounded by a beige wonderland and a serious lack of decor. Formerly a dining room, the room needs to be brought back to its original purpose.

  • After: Revived With Color

    To completely brighten and update the room, designer John Gidding painted the walls a soft hue of faded lilac and added new window treatments to flatter the small windows and bring in plenty of natural light. A fresh floral centerpiece brings life to the room and delivers an additional punch of color.

  • Before: College-Style Bedroom

    Beige walls and furniture, paired with pale bedding and uncoordinated decor, are not a visually appealing combination in this bedroom. A bold accent hue would add a necessary touch of drama and excitement to the room.

  • After: Hello, Red

    The original headboard was updated with a tufted, red fabric, while the old nightstands received a splash of red trim. Paired with chocolate brown bedding and red accents, the beige walls look more at home and provide a clean backdrop to the contemporary-styled space. Design by John Gidding

  • Before: Too Monotone

    Floor-to-ceiling beige makes for a less-than-inviting living room and foyer. Plus, the varying wood tones, from the hardwood floors to the side table, make the room look uncoordinated and busy.

  • After: Warm Brown Tones

    Post-makeover, the living room was turned into a warm and inviting place. The furniture was rearranged to take advantage of the view and to create a more intimate setting for gatherings. Three small ottomans double as a coffee table and storage compartments, providing a more efficient flow of energy within the space.

  • Before: White Out

    These plain white walls and furniture need a dose of color to make the room feel more comfortable and inviting. The open floor plan provides plenty of potential for creating a stylish and functional living room.

  • After: Luxurious Living

    To maximize the space of this living room, designer John Gidding created a more cohesive furniture arrangement and added additional seating with a handcrafted window seat. Pale green walls and contemporary artwork create warmth in a room that felt so empty before.

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