Designer Decorating With Red

Known to stimulate appetite and conversation, red is most often used in dining rooms. But red can work well in just about any room design. From classic to cutting-edge, here's how four top designers re-imagine the paint color.

Bold Red Bathroom

In this bathroom in her northern California home, designer Martha Angus combined red with shiny chrome finishes and natural Portuguese limestone, and the result is proof positive of red's versatility and verve.

"It was actually my 15-year-old son (it's his bathroom) who chose the wall color — Benjamin Moore's Geranium #1307, midway between deep red and bright orange," Angus says. While she herself might not have selected it, she is justifiably pleased with the way the bathroom turned out.

"This color wouldn't work if you had to put makeup on in the bathroom," she concedes, "but that wasn't a consideration in this room."

Photo by Matthew Millman

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