Constance Answers Your Top 10 Color Dilemma Questions

Constance Ramos, host of Color Correction, takes a look at the top 10 common color dilemmas from users and provides simple tips for designing a beautiful space without creating a color disaster.

  • Find the inspiration for your room, whether it's a stunning fireplace or unique mirror.
  • Can't decide on a color? Use two contrasting shades.
  • If you're afraid to use color, start by adding simple, yet colorful accents.
  • Ramos' design solution: Use green with more yellow in it to spread light around the room, and celebrate the unique architectural features of the room with color in patterns.
  • Use yellow-tinted paints and textiles to spread light around a room.
  • By using the bed as the focal point, work all the other elements into a cohesive design.
  • By limiting your colors, you can make a small space seem much larger.
  • Ramos uses a wall beyond the open floor plan family room as an endpoint for the new, red wall color.
  • While you may be excited to start a color project, the display at a paint store may be a little over-stimulating at first.
  • Love red, but not red walls? Work in your favorite color in furnishings and accessories. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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