Constance Answers Your Top 10 Color Dilemma Questions

Constance Ramos, host of Color Correction, takes a look at the top 10 common color dilemmas from users and provides simple tips for designing a beautiful space without creating a color disaster.

Find Inspiration

Question One: How do I start adding color to my space?

1. Find your inspiration.
A great way to begin adding color is by finding one inspiration piece to drive your color palette. Say you have a terrific vase from Portugal that has exactly the colors you want expressed in the room. Pull four colors from the vase and find ways to place them around the room in paint treatments, textiles, throw pillows, curtains, accessories, etc.

2. Start simple.
Another way to feel comfortable adding color is by remembering to take baby steps. I have a client who was a staunch believer in vanilla, so I coaxed him into trying just one color for an accent wall. He was so pleased with the effect he started getting really brave about adding color. One accent wall became two, neutral-colored floors got brilliantly colored wool area rugs, and even a few ceilings got accent color treatments. Start simply with just one element and see how if feels to live with it. If you like the way color makes you feel, dive in a little deeper and add more.

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