Colorful Room Makeovers From Color Correction

Dramatic before-and-afters of Constance Ramos' makeovers, featured in Color Correction.

  • Before: These avocado counters need a drastic update.
  • After: The new shade of green brings sophistication to the kitchen.
  • Before: Laura wanted a bold Mexican blue for her bedroom, but it ended up overwhelming the small space.
  • After: The couple opts for a more serene blue in their new color palette.
  • Before: Too many clashing colors make it difficult to find a focal point in this room.
  • After: A warm and neutral backdrop is used to showcase the vibrant accent colors.
  • Before: The Bradleys want a Spanish theme in their living room, but it didn't quite work out.
  • After: A new color palette of golds and purples bring out the Spanish-themed decor.
  • Before: This couple needs a bold and contemporary family room to match the rest of their house.
  • After: The walls are painted bold red to help define the space.
  • Before: Due to their poor color choices, the Muselli's new bedroom is anything but relaxing.
  • After: Shades of blue and brown give this couple a soothing space.
  • Before: This couple chose a bold yellow as the backdrop for their living room.
  • After: A warm color palette brings the Tuscan theme to life. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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