99 Reasons to be Creative From Design Star Challenge 3

In week three of Design Star, each designer is challenged with a plain white box with plain white furnishings. Each designer must show their design ability with just two paint colors and their dollar store purchases as their tools.

  • Christina's effort was a wonderful demonstration of color, scale and balance. Not only does this room creatively deconstruct the bookcase to add more dimension to the walls, it also employs color smartly.
  • Todd?s room showcases his fearlessness in demonstrating his talent, original and innovative. He skillfully creates an artistic masterpiece.
  • Will's repetitive use of white chip-and-dip plates on a black background and black egg plates on a green background, demonstrate his ability and understanding of design principles.
  • Kim employs color smartly by picking a sophisticated pink and combining it with a warm, dark-chocolate brown.
  • Robb selects great color to work with his white sofa and white walls. Bright blues and greens complement the white with a true modern sensibility, creating a visual and exciting pop.
  • Adriana's space is an interesting combination of very smartly painted walls that extend to the floor plane, but a lot of unrelated elements, distract from the wonderful foundation she created.
  • Although the pink and gray paint scheme is smart and tailored, Josh should have kept the dollar-store elements to one wall and repeated the same element en masse.
  • Stripped of all of this room?s accoutrements, the walls would have been the most incredible of all. The beautiful orange, brown and white with the expertly painted trees are very much art in their own right.
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