99 Reasons to be Creative From Design Star Challenge 3

In week three of Design Star, each designer is challenged with a plain white box with plain white furnishings. Each designer must show their design ability with just two paint colors and their dollar store purchases as their tools.

Know When to Stop

There is no question that Scott is a talented designer. Stripped of all of this room?s accoutrements, the walls would have been the most incredible of all the walls created during this challenge. The beautiful orange, brown and white with the expertly painted trees are rich and interesting and very much art in their own right. Instead of creating a clear focal point with his walls, Scott piles on plates, glasses, pillows and a plethora of other accessories that completely cancel out the amazing background. His inventive deconstruction of the bookcase into a wall-hung cabinet is original and smart, but filling the cabinet and covering the walls with blue plates distracts from the great foundation. Paper lanterns, with stripes in pink, blue, brown, red and aqua, further layer unnecessary distraction to this potentially great room that unfortunately derailed.

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