99 Reasons to be Creative From Design Star Challenge 3

In week three of Design Star, each designer is challenged with a plain white box with plain white furnishings. Each designer must show their design ability with just two paint colors and their dollar store purchases as their tools.

Design to Scale

With no limits on practicality, this challenge should have been a wonderful opportunity for Josh to translate his over-the-top style into an exciting and dynamic room. Although the pink and gray paint scheme is smart and tailored, his room is very much a disappointment as he sticks a plethora of compacts and angled placemats onto the walls. The result of his dollar-store shopping trip potentially indicates Josh feels challenged by limited resources. Wrapping paper components add another element of similar dollar-store scale instead of translating to what should have been a large and graphic visual message. Josh should have kept the dollar-store elements to one wall and repeated the same element en masse. This would have preferably translated to a rich, visually textured focal point instead of what was presented.

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