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Accessorize With Color

Tips on how to use colorful accessories in room design.

Creative design expert Teri Stevens shows how to use colorful accessories in room design. Just a few things can change the entire look.

  • Pull a color from an existing piece of furniture in a room to add more punch. For instance, the red frame on the wall in this room is a great clue that red would be a great accent color.

  • Pulling a color out of a printed throw pillow works the same way.

  • Paint curtain rods the same color as your accent color.

  • Another fun idea for curtain rods is to place an oar over the rod. Just screw the oar into place.

  • Add a punch of color to the couch with a bright throw and some decorative throw pillows. This will also add texture to the room.

  • A rug is a great way to tie a room together. Try to find one that integrates all the colors in the room, if possible. That means the wall color, couch colors and decorative accent colors.

  • Throw some floor pillows onto the rug for extra seating. The kids will particularly enjoy this when watching a video.

  • Paint an old coffee table the same as your accent color. This will add a great splash of color plus some balance to your room without having a large object to anchor it.

  • A colorful floral arrangement is a great way to add interest to a dark corner or table.

  • Knickknacks are an easy way to dress up a room, such as a bowl with decorative ornaments in it. Even some large books can make a nice colorful centerpiece.

  • Place candles and a wreath above a fireplace, and add the same color candles to a nearby table. These simple punches of color will add a lot to a room.

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