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Purple in Design

Adding purple accents to a room can spruce up a space and add a vibrant vibe to your room.

Is your room looking a little bland? According to Jamie Drake, adding a touch of purple can really revitalize a space and it's much more versatile than people may think. He'll show how to mix and match shades to make a lively design statement:

Simple changes like a purple wall, translucent curtain, pillows and a few purple accents placed around the room add a lot of warmth to the space.

  • People are using purple in two different directions, either as a complete envelope in a room or as accents in the furnishings. Since purple comes in so many shades--from the lightest lavenders to the deepest plums to the brightest magentas--it works well with most colors.
  • If you've chosen a dramatic purple and you're worried about a matching color, use a color wheel to select the color directly across from it to find the complementary shade.

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