Surprise Remodels From HGTV's Cousins Undercover

While the neighbors are away, the cousins will ... renovate. Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri give total home makeovers to unsuspecting local heroes on HGTV's Cousins Undercover. Check out their best remodels here.

  • Dumpy Dining

    DINING ROOM, BEFORE: With the table and chairs shoved in the corner, this was more of a walkway to the kitchen than a dining area.

  • Defined Space

    DINING ROOM, AFTER: A dramatic light installation and centered table define the space as a dining room. The neutral walls and chairs avoid being boring by emphasizing the accent wall of mounted greenery at the back of the room.

  • Too Spacious

    LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: This large living room let in tons of natural light but lacked warmth and personality. Even in such an open space, the dark furniture looked cramped and awkward.

  • Warm and Bold

    LIVING ROOM, AFTER: Bright patterns in the area rug and throw pillows provide a focal point and draw the eye down to the living space instead of letting it wander up to the high ceilings.

  • Surrounded by Taupe

    KITCHEN, BEFORE: Dated tile and a bland color scheme made this cookie-cutter kitchen about as exciting as plain toast.

  • Spring Green

    KITCHEN, AFTER: Using the homeowner's favorite colors, the kitchen looks cool and fresh with minty cabinets, gray walls and new stainless steel appliances.

  • Awkward Furniture

    DINING ROOM, BEFORE: This dining room wasn't functional or beautiful. The dated furniture was in poor shape and didn't utilize the room's space well.

  • Pop of Red

    DINING ROOM, AFTER: Bold red chairs and unique bare-bulb pendant lights made with nylon ropes give the dining room a modern feel while remaining practical for everyday living.

  • Bare Stairs

    STAIRWAY, BEFORE: There was nothing exciting about climbing up and down this neglected flight of stairs. Because of their placement on the room's main wall, a lack of design and color results in a missed opportunity to create a unique focal point.

  • Stairs With Flair

    STAIRWAY, AFTER: The simple steps are much more fun to walk up now as you follow the family photos to the top. A bright red wall pops perfectly against the black-and-white branch details on the steps.

  • Lacking Depth

    LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: The vaulted ceilings in this living room are an interesting feature, but the 360-degree white walls, white fireplace and white furniture make this room appear small and stocky.

  • Blast of Blue

    LIVING ROOM, AFTER: Painting the back wall blue and adding long horizontal bookcases on one side help elongate the space and draw people in for chats by the fireplace.

  • Dated Disaster

    KITCHEN, BEFORE: Peeling green paint, patterned red wallpaper, cracked tile and deteriorating appliances were enough to drive anyone away from cooking in this kitchen.

  • Simple and Clean

    KITCHEN, AFTER: New hardwood floors, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances are simple solutions to the overbearing green-and-red color scheme that once plagued this kitchen. A large farmhouse sink makes cleaning up easier, and new shelves provide an open alternative to the closed-in cabinets.

  • Blank Canvas

    KITCHEN, BEFORE: The majority of this home's upper level didn't even have walls, forcing the cousins to start from scratch.

  • Beautiful Master Suite

    KITCHEN, AFTER: The bare studs and exposed insulation were transformed into a lovely master bedroom that's simple but stylish with orange and navy accents.

  • Wannabe Tiki

    PATIO, BEFORE: The back of this house was old and in need of repair and a splash of color. The tattered tiki umbrella and worn patio chairs are bland and scattered all around the deck.

  • Perfect for Parties

    PATIO, AFTER: Built-in wooden benches replace the boring, unorganized patio furniture and provide seating for the large wooden table that swivels in and out to accommodate any number of guests while entertaining. Blue and white panels, an outdoor flat-screen TV and white string lights polish off the space.

  • Drab Surroundings

    LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: The furniture in this living room was nice, but having two large pieces in such a dark color made the room feel tiny.

  • Airy Comfort

    LIVING ROOM, AFTER: Less furniture in a lighter color opened up the space, and a pair of automatic sliding doors was installed to provide some privacy for the home office.

  • Crumbling Ceiling

    LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: Gaping holes in the ceiling caused by water damage loomed over worn-out leather furniture that crowded this room and made it feel small and dreary.

  • Pretty and Polished

    LIVING ROOM, AFTER: With the holes in the ceiling patched and painted, pale blue walls and modern furniture have turned this living room into a spacious, cheerful oasis.

  • Cramped Quarters

    KITCHEN, BEFORE: There wasn't much counter space in this narrow kitchen, making the lack of design and color even more unattractive.

  • Elbow Room

    KITCHEN, AFTER: Soft gray cabinets and a new backsplash give this kitchen the modern update it needed, and an additional row of counters was added on the right to add functionality as well as beauty.

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