6 Fun Ways to Decorate With Duct Tape

The new versions of duct tape are as durable as the trusty silver stuff, but they're made for showing off. See how the experts at HGTV Magazine put them to use.

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Aaron Dyer

Tips for Working With Duct Tape

It's long-lasting, water-resistant and neater than paint — and if you mess up, you can just peel it off and start again. It's easiest to cut the tape with a utility knife with a sharp blade. But if you do use scissors and the blades get gummed up, wipe them with a little Goo Gone.

To cut the tape with a utility knife, stick the tape on a cutting mat (available at craft stores) or parchment paper. Use a straight edge, like a ruler, to get precise lines. After cutting, just peel off the tape and apply. To make sure the edges don’t peel up, run over each strip firmly with a straight edge, like an old credit card, after you apply it.

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