Quick Holiday Decorating

HGTV Magazine features an expert designer's fast, easy holiday decorating tricks. See how she brings a casual, elegant Christmas spirit to her living room, kitchen and dining room.

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  • Holiday Challenge

    Marianne Simon, a Seattle interior designer (mariannesimondesign.com), wished to fill her 1957 ranch-style house with decorations that didn't compete with her calm, casual style.

  • Challenge Accepted

    Marianne still goes all-out without sacrificing style. \"The house is very warm and welcoming,\" she says. \"I host an annual holiday party with a fire going in the living room, Christmas music playing and hors d'oeuvres and desserts in the dining room.\"

  • Tree Topper

    Put your personal stamp on the tree with a monogram topper. Spray-paint a 12-inch papier-mache letter (available in craft stores) with Glitter Blast spray paint in Silver Flash by Krylon for a sparkly homemade initial.

  • Mantel Decoration

    Use cedar garland, candles and fresh roses for a fresh, natural look.

  • Simple Wreath

    Hang a wreath on a mirror with sparkly ribbon.

  • Dressed-Up Fireplace

    Use white felt stockings for a cozy, snowy look. (thesandorcollection.com)

  • Gift Central

    Wrap gifts in deep-pink, apple-green, white and silver paper. Group presents in white enamel buckets of various sizes. Easy toting! (sylvesterathome.com)

  • Quick Candle Arrangement

    Fill a serving bowl with strands of silver ball garland (jamaligarden.com), jingle bells (orientaltrading.com) and clear ornaments, then nestle candles in various sizes in the pile. Mound the bells around the tall taper candles to keep them straight.

  • Holiday Card Display

    Attach holiday cards to louvered doors or shutters using red paperclips.

  • Simple Centerpiece

    Make this beautiful tablescape: Place a battery-operated pillar candle in a glass cylinder and surround it with silver jingle bells. Embellish white vases with red yarn. Tie the ends so they won't unravel, wrap the yarn around the container a few times, then secure the end knots to the vase with craft glue.

  • Festive Drink Station

    A console table outfitted with a festive mirror creates the perfect place to set up a mini bar. Lay down a plush place mat and make a wintry centerpiece to keep the drinks flowing in style.

  • Five-Second Display

    Hang tinsel garland across a mirror (secure the ends to the back of the frame with masking tape), then clip or hang holiday cards on it.

  • Customized Glasses

    Serve a signature drink such as sparkling rosé in sugar-rimmed glasses. Dip the top of each glass in a shallow dish of water, then into a pile of colored sugar.

  • Mini Tree

    Coat branches from the yard with glittery silver spray paint and \"plant\" them in the vase using floral foam to keep them in place. Then add silver garland to hide the floral foam, and hang small ornaments from the twigs.

  • Wreath Window Treatment

    Suspend preserved boxwood wreaths across a bank of windows. Tie them to the curtain rods with wide burlap ribbon.

  • Holiday Blooms

    Put your favorite seasonal blooms on a pretty stand. FYI: If you plant paperwhite bulbs indoors around Thanksgiving, they'll flower just before Christmas and last for several weeks.

  • Bright Holiday Style

    Drape garland around your kitchen window. Use removable self-adhesive hooks and transparent fishing line (also called monofilament cord) to secure it.

  • Adorn Your Front Door

    Use a bright wreath that won't dry out like needly pine. Wrap yarn in alternating hues around a Styrofoam wreath form, tying the ends when you switch colors. Add a cluster of jingle bells using silver craft wire. The bells will jingle when the door opens and shuts.

  • Countertop Garden

    Use a mini evergreen tree, paperwhite bulbs and white pitchers. Mix in a few candy canes, too. Download these cheerful \"JOY\" tags, then print.

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