Kid-Friendly Home Decorating

Welcome to the funhouse! See how this single mom's remodeled house has become a favorite hangout for her kids and their friends.

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Photography by David A. Land; Styling by Frances Bailey and Karin Lidbeck-Brent

A Place for Everything and Everyone

Kelly says, \"My kids, Bella and Thomas, were having more and more friends over, and they would all cram into the little TV room. I wanted to make the house comfortable for a crowd.\" She remodeled this borrowed space from the garage to create an organized back entry. Since she's a total clutter hater, Kelly loves that there's a dedicated space for everyone's stuff here: built-in cubbies for Thomas' and Bella's backpacks, coats and shoes; another for Riley's leashes and dog biscuits. They drop beach towels and gym clothes in the rolling laundry bins on their way into the house.

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