House Tours: David Bromstad's True Colors

David Bromstad, host of Color Splash, lives in a cool place full of — you guessed it — bold colors! HGTV Magazine invites you to take a tour of his one-of-a-kind Miami condo.

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  • Mr. Color Splash

    David Bromstad can often be found transforming bland rooms into colorful, energy-filled spaces on Color Splash. Find out how Mr. Color Splash himself livened up his vibrant Miami condo.

  • It's OK to Have a Design Do-Over

    \"When I first moved in, I tried to create a whole 'Mr. Color Splash' look. I painted the living room walls turquoise and put an orange cover on the couch with red pillows. Then I stopped, looked around and said, 'I can’t live like this.' It was the ugliest thing I'd ever done. So I returned 80 percent of the stuff I bought, painted the room white and added some 'Mr. Color Splash' touches.\"

  • Star of the Room

    \"The OPEN sign is from a movie prop house ( has great vintage props, too), and it lights up from both sides. My boyfriend and I have to get the bulbs from Germany because they don't make them here anymore. At night, with it on, the whole place glows.\"

  • Raise the Roof

    \"The ceilings in this room are low, not even eight feet. I needed something to give the impression of height, and the wide horizontal stripes on these silk curtains did the trick. They make a big, bold statement, but they look timeless because of the classic color combo.\"

  • What He'd Change

    \"Dark wood is really gorgeous, but when you have two dogs, you see a lot of hair, which means a lot of vacuuming. I'm about ready to say, 'Give me some white floors, honey!'\"

  • His Angle on Angles

    \"I decided not to put the rug parallel to the wall of windows in this room. Angling it helps fill up the space. If you tilt your rug, skew your furniture, too, so everything is squared. This striped rug is IKEA, and I bought it for about $200. I refuse to buy an expensive carpet until our French bulldogs are both house-trained. Under the chairs, I layer sheepskin rugs. They’re all over the house!\"

  • Can't Miss That Wallpaper

    \"It's from; they do lots of oversize prints. My boyfriend doesn't like it, but I think it's fabulous. Some designers say you should scale your wallpaper to the size of your room, but I don't agree. Just do one wall, instead of putting it everywhere.\"

  • Love Your Bed, Sleep or No Sleep

    \"I found the bed at the thrift store. It was shiny white, so I sprayed it with flat white paint to make it look like porcelain. Now it's one of my favorite things. I don't sleep more than three hours at a time — I usually wake up for an hour, then go back to bed for a few.\"

  • That Mona Lisa Pillow? It's a Dog Bed!

    \"I saw it in a pet store and said, 'I have to have this pillow and it's going on my bed.' If I'm unhappy, I look for pieces to bring up my mood. You have to have your little pops of color and your bold moments. Then, you calm it down with neutrals. Mine are black, white and gray.\"

  • The Only Non-David Original

    \"The artwork is from a thrift store; I added the fuzzy stick-on mustache. It cracks me up paired with the Asian sculpture and plastic lamps.\"

  • He Kept the Cabinets

    \"I wanted to change the birch cabinets to white and glass, but that was going to cost as much as a new kitchen. So I said, 'That’s OK, they're pretty. I can live with them.' When I entertain, everyone hangs out at our kitchen island; it's 12 feet wide by five feet deep. The 'chalkboard wall' is actually black latex paint and a white colored pencil. I didn't want it to rub off when people leaned up against it.\"

  • Fastest Collection Ever

    \"My grandmother died a few months after we bought this place, and I got a little midcentury Viking glass bowl that belonged to her. I did some research and found tons of vases like it on eBay. I thought, 'I have to do an installation!' It looks like I've been collecting them for years, but I actually got them all in about three months. They are my pride and joy.\"

  • Most-Used Corner in the House

    \"These unbelievably comfortable vinyl chairs are great for lounging with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. The lambskin rug is ridiculous. When I'm reading — with my dog Dozer on my lap, of course — I spend the entire time digging my feet in. I wish I could have my whole life wrapped up in that rug. And of course I had to have a flamingo. We live in Miami, for crying out loud!\"

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