Creative Ways to Paint With Fall's Trending Colors

Using fall's hottest hues from color forecaster Pantone, we have 22 bold ways to transform your home with paint without painting the walls.

  • Blue Chair with Desk

    Peacock Blue: Old Meets New

    Chairs are the most commonly updated item in the design world. If an old chair frame is in good shape, it can easily be repainted, reupholstered and loved like new again. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn updates a traditional dining chair with peacock-blue paint, brand-new fabric and decorative casters. The bold paint color adds a contemporary look to the classic frame, creating a one-of-a-kind desk chair for this home office.

  • White Bookcase on Lime Green Wall

    Bright Chartreuse: Spiced-Up Bookshelves

    Make a bold and colorful impact on a bookshelf through more than just your book arrangement. Here, designer Tobi Fairley paints the backs of the built-in a citrusy chartreuse hue. To ensure the color stands out, each book is outfitted in a white book cover next to all-white accessories. The green backdrop is now a can't-miss element of this living room.

  • Chevron Stripe Dresser as Table

    Grape Royale + Bittersweet: Chevron-Patterned Dresser

    Trying to figure out what to do with that flawed thrift-store dresser? Give it just what it needs: a painted exterior in a variety of luscious fall hues. Here designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses painter's tape to create trendy chevrons on the drawer fronts and then uses complementing shades of purple and fuchsia to paint the patterns.

  • Quarry, Faded Rose + Spanish Villa: Striped Stairs

    Forget carpeted stair runners; here's a unique and semi-permanent way to add flair to your stairs. In this eclectic living room, designers Cortney and Bob Novogratz paint white stairs with thick vertical stripes in alternating shades of blue and pink. (Careful application of painter's tape will help perfect the lining.) For a less dramatic option, try numbering your stairs with stencils and painting on each number.

  • Melon Crate Storage

    Raspberry: Sweet Accents

    How would you use a dusty old fruit crate? If you're design blogger Erin Loechner you'll upcycle it into a stylish toy chest, of course. Gifted to her by friends, this crate once held winter accessories in the entryway but needed a greater purpose. She transforms the crate into a mobile toy chest by attaching casters. To add a modern twist to the rustic crate, she spray-paints the casters a chic and feminine raspberry hue to coordinate with her daughter's nursery design scheme.

  • White Kitchen With Blue and Green Accents

    Kelly Green: Kitchen Glam

    Give a classic kitchen a colorful, one-of-a-kind twist. In this traditional space, designer Andrea Schumacher brightens all-white cabinetry with a cheerful Kelly-green island. The painted island looks especially stunning when paired with the blue floral wallpaper. Feeling bold? Why not paint all of your cabinets a vibrant hue? Your kitchen will love all the attention it gets in return.

  • Simple Bathroom Door

    Silver Gray: Eye-Catching Door Trim

    Most people consider their interior doors and trim off-limits when it comes to painting. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn relieves this door of its drab white trim by adding a coat of silver gray paint. For a touch of interest, he adds trim detail to the front of the door and paints it silver gray, too. The modern update is a refreshing addition to the hallway and a welcoming invitation into each room.

  • Bright Violet: Revive the Patio

    As summer transitions into fall and winter, you may feel inclined to keep your outdoor space alive and energized, especially with color. One of the best ways to do that is through outdoor furniture and accessories. You can easily get the look of this designer lounge chair and bistro set by transforming your own furnishings with a paintbrush and your favorite color. This shade of violet is perfect for adding life to an outdoor space all year long. Photo courtesy of Fermob

  • Yellow Drawers

    Vibrant Yellow: Element of Surprise

    Add an unexpected splash of color to the inside of your vanity, dresser or nightstand drawers by painting them a bold hue, like this shade of vibrant yellow. The yellow, although not often seen, spices up the all-white vanity and the entire black-and-white bathroom design. Design by Gregg De Meza, Jennifer Gustafson and Michelle Nelson of De Meza Architecture + Interiors

  • Pureed Pumpkin: Stylish Entryway

    A cottage- or farmhouse-style home doesn't need to be completely covered in neutral tones and rustic materials. Designer Sarah Richardson proves that a splash of color makes a huge difference in a subdued space by painting the fronts of these closet doors a charming and faded shade of red-orange.

  • TV Room Decor

    Titanium: Customized Shelving

    We love budget-friendly buys, but we love inexpensive buys with a high-end look even more. Decorative painter Kristen Fountain Davis doctors two ready-made IKEA bookcases with custom-made gray paint, accent lighting and crown molding. The addition of painted crown molding will instantly create the look of built-ins without the cost. Photo courtesy of Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Simple Modern Mailbox

    Vibrant Yellow: Modern Mailbox Update

    Add instant curb appeal with a quick and easy mailbox update for less than $20. Following her home's modern design scheme, design blogger Erin Loechner uses a stark-white mailbox and a galvanized conduit for the post. To match her front door, she spray-paints the traditional red flag a vibrant yellow and finishes it off with ultra-modern house number decals. The update is simple, but is sure to turn heads.

  • Purple Wall with White Wainscoting

    Rhapsody: Geometric Focal Wall

    So, this project may technically involve painting the walls, but we had to include it anyway. By adding a vibrant paint color like Rhapsody and using cut strips of molding, you can instantly turn a bare wall into a modern focal point. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Raspberry: Bold Bed Frame

    Add vibrancy to your bedroom in an unexpected way by not just painting a headboard but the entire bed frame. In this globally inspired space, nothing stands out against the navy-blue walls quite like this glossy raspberry canopy bed. Photo courtesy of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams

  • Stool with Dip-Dyed White Feet

    Cloud Dancer: Dip-Dyed Stool

    You've probably noticed dip-dyed decor, fashion and hair almost everywhere this year, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. If you're \"dyeing\" to integrate this bold and trendy look into your own home but want to start small, we have the perfect budget-friendly project to test the waters. Design blogger Erin Loechner transforms a wooden $5 stool with painter's tape and spray paint. It may not technically be dip-dyed, but it provides the same classic color-blocked look.

  • Quarry + Stonewash: Coloring the Floors

    Floors are often forgotten as a place to experiment with a paintbrush. Designer Sarah Richardson doesn't let these knotty pine hardwood floors remain bare for long, though. Adding to the home's nautical cottage look, Sarah paints thick, alternating stripes of blue along the floors. A layer of floor sealant creates a flawless, glossy look for extra appeal.

  • Burnt Orange Desk with Photograph Shelves

    Spiced Coral: Custom Study

    Just like any other piece of furniture — a dresser, bookshelf, headboard or nightstand — a secondhand desk can be given the same custom update. All you have to do is look beyond the scratches and exterior imperfections, because most can be fixed and covered with a few coats of paint. Here, designer Brian Patrick Flynn adds custom storage on a budget by picking up a desk from the flea market and spray-painting it with spiced coral lacquer for a chic and contemporary look.

  • Faded Rose: Refreshing Nursery Design

    Give a hand-me-down crib a brand-new look by updating it with a fresh coat of paint. To bring an element of vibrancy to this nursery, designer Sarah Richardson spray-paints a traditional wooden crib a feminine hue of faded rose. Now sparked with contemporary appeal, the crib is instantly tied into the coral, yellow and pink color palette of the room.

  • Office Nook Shelving with Accessories

    Blue Indigo: Sophisticated Workstation

    Allow your built-ins to blend seamlessly into the walls by painting them the same color as the walls and trim. In this master bedroom, designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses simple floating shelves to create a sophisticated and cozy workstation niche. Coordinating with the room's rich color scheme, Brian paints the shelves a deep blue-indigo.

  • Entry with Stone Wall

    Fiery Red: Instant Curb Appeal

    A freshly painted front door is not only a warm welcoming for guests, but it's also an easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home. Fiery Red is a hot color this season, so we love the eye-catching entry of this modern home. With a neutral exterior accented in black, red is an easy color to match but can easily be changed if it becomes tiring. Photo courtesy of Janet Loughrey

  • Small Orange Table Lamp

    Tangerine Tango: Like-New Lamps

    Never let the color of a lamp deter you from taking it home. Decorative painter Kristen Fountain Davis found this pair of ginger jar lamps for $6 at a thrift store and knew she could easily update them with her favorite decorative hues, orange and blue. A few coats of tangerine spray paint gives these once-outdated pieces brand-new lives. Photo courtesy of Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Look on the Bridge Side

    Honey Gold: Vintage-Style Accessories

    These vintage gold bottles probably have a rich history, but you can easily mimic the look by spray-painting or gold-leafing Mason jars and medicine bottles. The collection will instantly add an eclectic and globally inspired look to your space. Design by Erinn Valencich

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