Smart Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small space can pose a challenge, but with a few new ideas and a creative spirit, even the smallest living quarters can make a pretty fantastic home.

  • Workspace Under the Stairs

    Stair Space

    Sometimes necessity brings about the best and most creative ideas. A shortage of space is an inspiring dilemma with potentially great results. In order to make use of absolutely every available space in her apartment, online lifestyle editor Briana turned the open space under the stairs into a home office. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Multipurpose Coffee Table

    Table for Two

    Every small-space dweller knows that hidden storage and two-in-one furniture make coping with space limitations just a bit easier. This clever coffee table not only has a great hidden compartment to store remotes and magazines, but it also turns into a dinner table for two.

  • Open Shelving

    If your kitchen is short on cupboards or if you just want to make it seem more spacious, opt for open shelving. You can show off your favorite dishes while keeping your kitchen feeling open, airy and a little less small. Image courtesy of A Country Farmhouse

  • Sunset office closet

    Office Space

    Adequate-sized closets can be hard to come by, but if you have an extra one, make the most of it. Turn your spare closet into so much more than a storage compartment. Create a tidy home office that you can shut away when it's not in use.

  • Book Towers

    Look Book

    Are you a book junkie living in a small space? Rather than attempting to squeeze even more cumbersome bookshelves into your petite home, choose a book tower. Towers allow you to stack your books and take advantage of vertical space. Plus, it's a unique way to display your favorite titles.

  • Double Wide Kitchen Pantry

    Perfect Pantry

    If your spare closet is near the kitchen, like the dining room closet featured here, it could serve as a pantry and a great place to store excess kitchen supplies. Design by Joanne Cannell

  • Red and Blue Kids Bedroom

    Loft Bed

    For older children and even adults, a loft bed is a great way to leave floor space open. It takes advantage of otherwise unused space and makes it possible to add a desk or a seating area in a small room that would have been otherwise overwhelmed by a large bed.

  • Home Office

    Creative Solution

    If you can't give up any of your precious closet space but are still pining for a home office, take a cue from reader Adam Selwood, who transformed an Ikea PAX wardrobe into a home office that can be easily concealed when not in use.

  • Bike Shelf

    If you're a biker living in an apartment, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your prized possession safe from harm as well as out of the way. But with this nifty bike shelf from Knife & Saw, your bike can shine in its own home, off of the floor and out of the way.

  • Convertible Furniture

    When you live in a small home, sometimes it is impossible to give every activity a room of its own. Luckily, convertible furniture makes it easy to switch from office to bedroom to dining area with just a few simple moves. Image courtesy of Matroshka Furniture

  • Bunk Beds

    Of course the ultimate space-saving piece of furniture is the classic bunk bed. But these days, the standard bunk bed has gotten a pretty great makeover. Multiple staggered beds allow three and even four children to share the same room — it's even kind of fun! Plus, all the beds fit into one corner of the room, leaving plenty of space to play. Image courtesy of Billi-Bolli

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