Decorate With Menswear Patterns

There's a reason a good suit (or favorite flannel) never goes out of style. Menswear patterns are classics that are meant to stand the test of time. So, naturally, you should be decorating with them, too.

Menswear Inspired Striped Wallpaper

Classic Pinstripes

The pinstripe may be the most quintessential and sophisticated fabric that menswear has ever known. It also happens to be the most decor-friendly, as it can be used in a variety of ways and is easy on the eyes. Case in point: this wallpaper in a cozy reading nook by designer Jessica Helgerson. The addition of modern furniture pieces gives it masculine appeal.

Plaid Bedroom

Clean Lines, Classic Patterns

What's more manly than plaid on a man? Well...nothing. Which is why it instantly defines this bedroom by designer Shawn Henderson. The key here is not to overdo the pattern. After all, this isn't a hunting lodge. Keep colors light and neutral and lines nice and clean. Photo by Steve Freihon

Menswear Inspired Herringbone Floor

Herringbone for Her

There's no reason that men should get to have all the fun. Inspired by the classic herringbone pattern, design firm Dodson & Daughter used alternating slabs of marble to create a fresh and feminine bath. Who needs textiles when you have such gorgeous stone to work with? The same can, of course, be done with wood or paint (if you’re brave!).

Menswear Inspired Living Room

Layer, Layer, Layer

Just as any dapper man dresses in layers, so does the dapper living room! Enhance your pinstripes (pillows) and plaid (curtains) with rich materials like chrome, leather, and burl wood. Don't forget to tuck a flower into your pocket for the ladies! Interior by Scot Meecham Wood

Menswear Inspired Table Setting

Pattern Mixing

Normally we wouldn't suggest mixing your menswear too much, but on the table? Oh yes. China in plaid, napkins in herringbone and a tablecloth in pinstripes creates a warm, classic look for a special meal. Design by Cassandra LaValle

Menswear Trend:Plaid Carpeting

A Touch of Trendiness

If you've got commitment issues, then maybe a simple touch of a menswear in an accent piece (like this rug) is all you really need to dip your toes into this trend. It adds just a hint of tradition and richness to a clean modern space like this, and the pattern is subtle enough for even the most timid decorator. Design by Shawn Henderson; photo by Steve Freihon.

Pinstripe Headboard

His and Hers

A happy marriage is all about compromise, and this bedroom from Dodson & Daughter is the ideal blend of his-and-hers textiles. Feminine floral drapes and strong-but-complementary shirt stripes on the headboard make for a perfect couple.

Menswear Inspired Bedroom

Pretty in Plaid

Like a well-tailored suit, this headboard sports its houndstooth plaid in much the same way — perfectly styled. A dose of feminine curves, a perfect balance of black and white and a chic tray on the nighstand complete this sophisticated space. Design by Scot Meacham Wood

Leather Trunk as Vanity

Masculine Dressing Room

Forget his and hers: This bathroom is definitely men's only! Using steamer trunks as storage is a twist on traditional vanities, and easy to replicate using your own vintage trunk finds. For a more feminine-friendly feel, simply lighten the tones in the room and add some softer pieces, but keep that dashing wallpaper. Image courtesy of Coleccion Alexandra.

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