Embrace Your Inner Brit With Shabby Chic Designs

With lace, country-cottage appeal and frilly accents, it's hard to ignore how British the shabby chic style can be. Find the perfect British flair for a shabby chic home with these ideas from our HGTV design experts.

  • British Shabby Chic on Reupholstered French Chairs

    Welcome Back, Jack

    For a great British shabby chic look, step back in time and seek antique furniture with a story. By reupholstering these French chairs with the Union Jack print, it makes them bloody perfect for any of the queen's lads. Photo courtesy of La Grange de Silvermine

  • Pastel Cottage Style Bedroom

    Teatime Special

    Do you ever catch yourself dreaming about having a royal teatime celebration with your friends and family? With this delicate bedroom you can enjoy your tea every day. The Rachel Ashwell-style bedding and dainty china (both in a tea set as well as hanging on the wall) add to the pristine white and blue tones of the room. Photo courtesy of My Romantic Home

  • Country Chic Kitchen

    Country House Hospitality

    Take a trip to the English countryside with this elegant, rural kitchen. From the intricate design on the island to the rustic wood floors and table, an image of Elizabeth Darcy from Pride and Prejudice comes to mind. This home from RMS user Shantleshome would entice even the busiest of lords and ladies to enjoy a country gala.

  • All You Need Is Love

    Show some love with lad and lassie seating. This vignette sings out with English pride from top to bottom. The faded flag and worn fabric banner drape across the classy wardrobe, uniting for a vivid splash of red, white and blue in this modern-vintage combination. Photo courtesy of Jan Constantine

  • Shabby Chic Pink Country Kitchen

    Sweet English Rose

    Infuse roses and other flowers into your design like RMS user vintagerosecollection does in this kitchen with a lace tablecloth, pink blossoms and frilly accents. Floral decor gives your home a vintage feel and lets you create a completely feminine cottage.

  • Cottage Living Room

    Bring the Garden Indoors

    Painting the coffee table and china cabinet mint-green and layering pink, floral prints creates a down-to-earth feel in this chic room. You might even start to feel like you're actually relaxing in a traditional English cottage garden.

  • Shabby Chic Camper Kitchen

    One More for the Road

    If you're like the Brits and can't go anywhere without a cup of tea, this RV is right up your alley. Whether you're on the road or not, set out the china for two and enjoy a warm scone with some hot tea. From the flowers and breakfast nook to the comfortable, lacey pillows, you might not want to leave this vintage mobile home from rosevinecottage.

  • Urban Take on Royal Pillow La Grange de Silvermine

    A Royal Balance

    Having an accent that's both neutral and elegant can create the perfect balance for an understated sophistication. This urban take on a royal pillow combines comfort with an appealing look. It's a cushion fit for a queen (or at least William and Kate). Photo courtesy of La Grange de Silvermine

  • Cottage Holiday

    Enjoy a mini holiday in the comfort of your own home. This back porch takes a country approach to British style. The light-blue and pink floral print on the rocking chair complements the lacey tablecloth for a serene escape.

  • Antique Dresser painted with Union Jack Flag

    Bloody-Vibrant Antiques

    Instead of simply reupholstering or refurbishing furniture, add some Anglo character with a vibrant piece like this antique dresser painted with the Union Jack flag. Even with its aged look, a dresser like this will work in the most contemporary home. It's an eye-catching focal point for a mostly monochromatic room. Photo courtesy of Knack Studios

  • English Cottage Garden Patio

    Sit Back and Think of England

    If you always find yourself torn between the outdoors and fine elegance, here's a place for you. The lace table linens and antique birdcage might just make you want to pull out the tea set and evening gloves for a night of entertaining guests in the great outdoors. Photo courtesy of My Romantic Home

  • Cottage Porch with Refreshments and Bunny Topiary

    Storybook Charm

    Make Beatrix Potter's story come to life with an adorable Peter Rabbit-type potted plant. When friends are over for an afternoon, let them sit outside on a comfortable yet stylish porch. The floral prints and white wicker furniture from RMS user MoonlightandMagnolias welcome any passers-by to sit a spell.

  • Henry Road Rustic British Flag Pillow

    A Pop of U.K. Color

    Placing an accent over neutral colors like this burlap-style seat makes this flash of red-white-and-blue pride stand out. The bold, saturated shades are not part of the typical shabby chic palette, but the muted chair keeps everything in check. It's an accessory any Anglophile would covet. Photo courtesy of Henry Road

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