8 Elegant Victorian-Style Dining Room Designs

Nothing says timeless elegance quite like a room that mirrors Victorian style and charm. Take a step back in time with our favorite inspirational and romantic dining rooms that evoke Victorian features with a modern-day twist.

  • Dennis dining room chandelier

    Regal Lighting

    One of the most notable features of a Victorian-style dining room is an elegant and often over-the-top chandelier above the table. A stunning ceiling medallion in this dining room further accentuates the most eye-catching fixture in the space. Design by Lori Dennis

  • Traditional Dining Room

    Touches of Modernity

    This elegant and traditional dining room features several Victorian elements: an eye-catching chandelier, ceiling medallion, Oriental-inspired area rug and light, feminine walls. The built-in shelves, accent lighting and colorful, eclectic accessories pull in a touch of fresh, modern style. Design by Barbi Krass

  • Traditional Serenity

    Rich, warm wood, cocoa-brown walls, floor-to-ceiling draperies and a heavy sideboard create a sophisticated and refined room with traditional details. Victorian style typically features ornate details and patterns, but this dining room from HGTV Dream Home 2004 lets the outside landscape create the room's stunning backdrop.

  • Serge traditional dining room

    Rich Design

    One of the most essential pieces of a Victorian-style dining room is a sideboard that provides plenty of room for serving food and displaying flower arrangements. Designer Genoveve Serge created a luxurious space mirroring the key elements of that time period, including an elegant and extra-long sideboard designed for hosting gatherings, creamy wall coverings, ornate gold trim, rich fabrics and crystal lighting.

  • elegant dining for twelve

    Historic Style

    Straight from 19-century Charleston, S.C., this charming dining room portrays a view of East Coast history and Victorian style. Rich wood furnishings, heavy window treatments and brass light fixtures ensure this room keeps its classic elements. Design by Jennifer Nilsen

  • Contemporary Elegance

    With a chic and refined appearance, this dining room pulls in a mostly contemporary look with touches of Victorian design. The luxurious gold and crystal chandelier, floor-to-ceiling window treatments and sideboard mirror represent the defining features of traditional design while using the table, accessories and area rug to deliver a contemporary look.

  • Refined Minimalism

    Although not typically known for having a minimalistic look, this Victorian-style dining room avoids accessories, patterns and over-the-top fixtures. However, the rich wood furnishings, antique grandfather clock and ornate clawfoot dining set deliver a genuine view of the era with a contemporary edge.

  • Feminine Appeal

    Luxurious period lighting and rich gold fabric create an ultra-feminine dining room ready for entertaining. An open floor plan and built-in bar extend the dining room amenities to the next room for extra space. Rope lighting around the ceiling may not resemble the Victorian era, but it certainly complements the crystal fixtures. Design by Lina Khatib

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