Run My Makeover 109: Dark and Dated Kitchen

Browse before photos of the Beauchamp's kitchen. Dark, dated cabinetry plus old appliances and an ugly countertop equals a room ready for a makeover.

Homeowners Stand In Their Kitchen Before

Meet homeowners Gerry and Alia Beauchamp. This young couple wants to update the kitchen to better suit their modern tastes.

Kitchen With A Cluttered Countertop

The faux butcher block countertop sags in places and has pulled away from the wall on one side, creating a large gap. Gerry and Alia want to replace it with durable and stylish granite.

Crowded Pantry

Storage space is very limited; items spill onto the already crowded countertops. The homeowners like to cook and definitely want more storage in their remodeled kitchen.

Small Kitchen Adjacent To Dining Room

The kitchen is adjacent to the dining room, creating a great opportunity to open up the two spaces for a modern flow.

The wall tile is original to the Beauchamp's 50's home. Although it's a classic pattern, they're tired of the retro look and want something fresh and hip.

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