Utilize Spaces With Creative Shelves

Maximize every inch of space with unique and creative shelving tips, and increase storage and enhance your entire design scheme.

  • Wood Shelves in Living Room Nook

    Cubby Space

    Bookshelves in a side alcove are a great way to utilize awkward wall space for additional storage. A design like this, with five simple, horizontal shelves, creates a perfect space to store and display collections in a creative and eye-catching way. Design by RMS user kcuringa

  • Under the Stairs

    The open space under a staircase is the perfect place to add a small shelving unit. The otherwise unusable space can be used for storage, as well as a place to display knickknacks. The shelves are cut to fit right under the stair slope, making them appear to be a built-in unit. Because this unit is set up right off a kitchen, designer John Gidding turned it into a mini bar and buffet.

  • Corner Desk and Shelves

    A Piece of the Puzzle

    Get the most out of your workspace with a desk fitted under wall-to-wall shelves. The shelves provide the storage you need, and the desk leaves you with plenty of surface area. Design by RMS user victorhabush

  • Wraparound Unit

    Build a customized shelving unit around a kitchen column. The shelves will provide a lot of extra storage and create a cool design element in the space. Design by John Gidding

  • charalambous-guest-bedroom-zen-modern-2

    Multifunctional Storage

    In a small bedroom, the use of a sliding wall can create a multitude of functions. When closed, it presents a full wall of bookshelves. When opened, a Murphy bed pops down providing a place to sleep or to relax with a good book. Design by Andreas Charalambous

  • Cozy Corner Workstation

    An awkward cave-like space can be transformed into a functional desk and storage area with a few simple changes. Add custom shelves to the space under a slanted ceiling and you can turn that nook into a private home office. Design by John Gidding

  • Corner Stack

    Kitchens need plenty of storage options, so utilize every unused corner by adding a vertical row of shelves. This unit offers a great space for displaying cookbooks and spices, and it's all within reach from the refrigerator. Design by John Gidding

  • Stylish White Bunk Beds

    Useful Bunks

    A custom-built bunk bed is an ideal solution to organizing toys and children's books. The end unit creatively serves as the headboard for the bunks, as well as the room's bookshelf and storage unit. Design by Shane Inman

  • Overhead Space

    A pair of narrow wall shelves provides visible storage for bathroom accessories in tight powder rooms. These stacked dark wood shelves are a nice contrast against the sage green walls — a perfect shade for a small bathroom. Design by Erica Islas

  • Wall Liners

    Thin shelves against a living room fireplace add a layer of design to an otherwise unused vertical surface. These shelves can be used to display small books, accessories and other small accents. Design by John Gidding

  • Blue and White Closet Office

    Working Closet

    Transform a closet into a customized home office with this simple and creative DIY project. Cover the back wall with fun wallpaper, and install custom-made shelves and a desk surface. The new office takes up no space and allows you to keep work hidden and out of view. Design by RMS user jenniferpaigejones26

  • Shelf Foundation

    Built-in shelves at the side of a half stair help to maximize storage and use under-stair dead space. A fresh sage hue turns this into an architectural attraction, as well as a new place to display favorite items. Design by John Gidding

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