International Style: Italian-Inspired Design Ideas

Italian design is known for being elegant, distinguished and casually grand. From traditional Old World Italian architecture to vibrant Tuscan-style designs, these extravagant and eye-catching rooms will leave you longing for Italia.

Old World Bathroom

Sophisticated Retreat

This inviting master bathroom will compel you to leave all worries at the door. Bath time is never complete without enjoying the warmth from a gas-burning fireplace or staring at soothing water reflections on a vaulted ceiling above. Jerusalem stone, travertine floors, walls and countertops, and solid wood accents deliver an overwhelming cozy Italian feel within the small space. Travertine, a traditional building material, is especially symbolic in Italian design as it was the primary material used in the construction of the Colosseum in 72 A.D. Design by Debra Campbell Design

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