New Orleans-Style Homes

Become immersed in the quaint Southern architecture found only in Louisiana. From modest shotgun houses to grand townhouses, New Orleans' sense of color and artistry transform its buildings into visual treats.

French Quarter Iron Balconies With Plants

Iron Balcony Details

Bourbon Street balconies feature lacy ironwork details that can be seen throughout much of the French Quarter. Balconies are popular spots for displaying personal style and for viewing the energetic street scenes below.

Shotgun-Style Popularity

Shotgun houses were the most popular style of home in the South from the end of the Civil War until the 1920s. This economical style consists of a few rooms arranged in a single row. The entire house stays cool by opening the front and back doors.

New Orleans Gallery Home

Works of Art

Elaborate front porch designs transform simple homes into decorative works of art. Bold splashes of color reflect the energy found through out.

Tall Front Porch on New Orleans Home

Modest Yet Intricate

Even modest homes feature beautiful filigree-inspired brackets and slim columns. A full porch provides the perfect place to beat the Louisiana heat.

Wrought Iron Balcony Rail

Colorful Spirit

Creole Townhouses, located primarily in the narrow streets of the French Quarter, boast iconic New Orleans design. Either made in brick or stucco, their ornate wrought iron details and vivid color combinations exclaim the spirit of Louisiana.

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